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Credible and Trustworthy

To become a credible and trustworthy mining company with the finest of all mining aspects in Indonesia

Adding Value

Ensuring stakeholders satisfaction by adding value in every relations and transactions.

Environmental Friendly

To be environmentally friendly in every business processes which also support country development.


Capturing the growth of Indonesia's mineral and coal potential for the national prosperity.

By. PT. Sentosa Laju Sejahtera GROUP

About SLS Group

PT. Sentosa Laju Sejahtera (SLS) is an Indonesian mining and general contractor specializing in mineral, coal, and quarry mining. PT. SLS is a subsidiary of PT. Sentosa Laju Energy, a coal trading company with a trading volume of more than 8 million metric tons per year.

SLS was formed due to the rapid rise in demand for minerals and coal in Indonesia. Not only that, the SLS Group is strategically positioned to have an in-house mining company because SLS operates a coal mine in Bengalon, East Kutai, East Kalimantan Province.

Environment and social welfare have also become our concern in every step of our operation and strategic move.

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CSR has a very major role in the company’s belief in sustainability principle (people, planet, and profit) reflected in all of the activities that SLS is currently operating. SLS CSR initiatives/programs focus on 4 main aspects that convey the company’s commitment to the principle of sustainability.

Firstly, the main concern of SLS is to help and support the society that is being exposed to various types of smaller scale business enterprises that are best suited for the surrounding communities creating opportunities for them to grow.

Also, collaborating with the government and non-profit organizations with the same visions to reflect the company’s effort in creating healthier communities. At the same time, SLS’s main concern is the education of children that are unable to afford it which is fundamental for the well being of generations to come.

SLS - Corporate Social Responsibility
SLS - Environment


It has become SLS's principle that SLS will always stay true and reliable in becoming a responsible coal mining company by continuously evaluating

All of the company's activities to be as environmentally conscious as possible. The achievement of SLS environmental efforts is the result of the high level of compliance and also the reflections of the company's commitment to preserve the surrounding ecosystem for the future.

Our Safety, Health, and Environmental