SLS Group

Jl. Diamond Park Residence, Permata Inti Juanda B-1,
Sidoarjo, 61253
Jawa Timur, Indonesia


Safety, Health, and Environmental

Safety, Health, and Environment of SLS Group

Company Overview:
PT. Sentosa Laju Sejahtera (PT. SLS) operates in the mineral and coal mining sector, placing a significant emphasis on occupational health and safety (OHS), environmental concerns, and the overall well-being of its workforce and stakeholders.

PT. SLS prioritizes safety and environmental practices aiming to provide a work environment that's safe, healthy, and eco-friendly for everyone involved, including business licenses, employees, contractors, partners, visitors, and suppliers. A collaborative approach involving full cooperation from all workers is paramount to realizing an effective Mining Safety and Environmental Policy.

Key Commitments


Prevention of injuries, occupational diseases, dangerous incidents, and damage to assets.


Ensuring alignment with laws and regulations regarding Mining Safety and the environment.

Continuous Improvements

A focus on creating safe, efficient, productive operations, and fostering a culture of mining safety.


Emphasis on sustainable management and developing work procedures that align with the company's policies.

Well Being

An active stand against the misuse of narcotics, alcohol, and the prevention of infectious diseases & HIV/AIDS.

Vision, Mission, and Communication


Aspiring to be a trusted and leading partner in the mining industry, adding long-term value for all stakeholders.


This policy and the company's commitments extend to all individuals and entities working within or associated with PT. SLS, ensuring everyone is aligned with the company's safety, health, and environmental goals.


Becoming a reputable mining company with the best ENSEP.

Prioritizing stakeholder satisfaction through value addition.

Tapping into Indonesia's mineral and coal potential for national prosperity.

Committing to eco-friendly business processes that further the country's development.

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