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PT. Sentosa Laju Sejahtera

ESG Policy


PT Sentosa Laju Sejahtera is committed to complying with ESG standards that are integrated into our business practices. We recognize that social and environmental responsibility is an integral part of the long-term success of companies and society as a whole. Therefore, we are committed to integrating ESG principles into our daily operations and strategic decision making.

1. Environment

We will reduce our environmental impact by implementing environmentally friendly practices throughout our supply chain and operations by considering a life cycle perspective.

We will reduce carbon emissions and adopt sustainable practices for energy and natural resource conservation.

We will encourage environmentally friendly innovation and invest in technologies that support environmental protection efforts.

2. Social

We will ensure fairness, equality and inclusion in all aspects of our operations, without discrimination against race, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

We will develop and support community welfare programs, including education, health and local community development.

We will ensure optimal occupational safety and health for all our employees, as well as encourage an inclusive and collaborative work culture.

3. Governance

We will implement transparent and accountable corporate governance practices, including regular internal and external audits.

We will uphold high ethical standards in all aspects of company operations, including fighting corruption and unethical business practices.

We will ensure full compliance with all relevant regulations and rules, as well as promote integrity and accountability at all levels of the company.

4. Social Media Login Data

We provide you with the option to register using social media account details, like your Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. If you choose to register in this way, we will collect the information described in the section called HOW WE USE YOUR INFORMATION directly from your social media account.

This ESG policy is our main commitment in building a sustainable and responsible company. We will continue to evaluate and improve the implementation of this policy to ensure an integrated positive impact on aspects of the environment, society and other related parties.

See our Guidelines in PDF Here